WIN improves your data management. All necessary data on your products is entered directly by the supplier. The data is transferred directly to you by WIN. Simply into your ERP system or into our web app.

Leave Excel lists and PDFs from suppliers behind. Use WIN’s automated digital process to manage your product master data.

Why is WIN Simple?

WIN simplifies your everyday work. Simply import data from manufacturers’ product portfolios or request product data directly from your suppliers. You determine which details are visible to your suppliers. WIN checks the data for you directly when you enter it; you receive complete data records.

You can simplify even more with the EuvinoPRO module platform. Use the platform to create catalogues from your data, or exposés for your customers. We also offer shop solutions for end customers and your B2B customers.

WIN saves complete data

With WIN you only import complete data sets. WIN checks the product data for plausibility as it is entered. Only after a successful check is the data sent to the retailer. By documenting which user processed the product data at which point in time, you can prove where the data came from.

You determine what is important

Product data for beverages is complex. For wine, for example, the WIN offers more than 200 attributes for article description, aromas, media data, LMIV information, logistics data, packaging material for LUCID messages and much more. As a retailer, you determine which information is mandatory or optional.

Extensions with EuvinoPRO

In addition to WIN, the EuvinoPRO module platform offers many other add-ons to make your life easier. You can create trade fair and product catalogues in minutes, manage your own online shop, serve various e-commerce platforms through multichannel sales and much more.

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