Manufacturers can make their entire product portfolio available. These products can be imported directly into your ERP system. If products are missing, you can easily send a product request directly from your ERP or our web app. The request immediately lands with your supplier. As soon as the data is available, WIN notifies you of the new product data and you can use the data immediately.

Save yourself from having to follow up with your suppliers by phone and email. Use the automation of WIN to retrieve your data quickly and easily.

Why is WIN so fast?

WIN takes the work off your hands. You save yourself tedious data entry of product data; typing PDFs or copying lists is a thing of the past. Thanks to the machine-to-machine communication in WIN, you receive the product data directly into your merchandise management system: no transmission errors, no time-consuming data entry.

EuvinoPRO’s GDSN module also connects you directly to a GDSN data pool. You can publish and receive product data there. The GDSN module enables the automated sending of your product data directly from your merchandise management system. It doesn’t get any faster.

Machine-to-machine, no media breaks

You do not request the data from the producer personally, but your ERP system does it for you. The producer’s enquiry also ends up in the ERP system. The systems communicate via the WIN and the data is transmitted without media breaks. This guarantees error-free transmission and saves you a lot of time.

Connection to the GDSN pool

EuvinoPRO’s optional GDSN module makes it easy to send data to the GDSN pool. The connection to your ERP system allows you to send product data directly and easily via API – no more annoying Excel files.

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