Digital solutions for the beverage industry

EuvinoPRO software is the cornerstone digitally connecting the entire beverage industry. From producers to distributors, retailers and agencies, our software develops a global network in which companies seamlessly work together. EuvinoPRO increases efficiency for everyone involved.

EuvinoPRO not only streamlines beverage companies, but the beverage industry itself.

Who we are

For more than 10 years, EuvinoPRO has been at the forefront of digitalising the beverage industry, offering digital solutions for producers, distributors, retailers and agencies. Our clients range from global corporations to independent wineries and breweries world-wide.

Our longstanding partnerships with research institutes and universities places us far ahead of the curve within a rapidly changing market. We are the home of the original beverage data management system WIN, making us the data standard for the beverage industry.

What we do?

Our software optimises and automates sales, e-commerce and data management processes, achieving greater efficiency for beverage companies.

EuvinoPRO software generates a uniformity between both internal and external processes so that no resources are wasted on communication disruptions between co-operating companies.

And with EuvinoPRO you can continue to use your existing IT infrastructure. Our software does not replace but rather builds on existing IT systems, making EuvinoPRO a versatile and dependable choice.


We have a long-standing history of supporting producers throughout the drinks industry with forward-thinking and dependable digital solutions.

For producers, our data management system is free to use. All our solutions can be customised according to individual needs of breweries, wineries, spirit distilleries and soft drink producers.


We offer innovative solutions for agencies working at the intersection of producers and retailers in the beverage industry.

Our software enables importers and trade agencies in the beverage industry to effortlessly pivot between the producers they represent, and co-operating distributors and retailers. Our master data management system WIN is specially designed to incorporate the needs of beverage agencies.


We offer highly specialised digital solutions for beverage distributors and retailers. Our integrated software builds upon and widens the capabilities existing ERP and PIM systems.

This enables automated, real-time use of product data spanning across sales, e-commerce and master datamanagement. Our solutions allow seamless communication and data exchange with producers and agencies.


As experts in digitalisation, we have developed long-term relationships with universities and research institutes carrying out pioneering research in the beverage industry.

We are thrilled to have contributed to world-leading projects on themes such as sustainability, quality management and market research.

Universities and institutions researching the beverage industry

Our Solutions

EuvinoPRO offers digital solutions for the beverage industry, across sales, e-commerce and master data management. All our solutions can be customised to individual needs and can be fully integrated with existing ERP and PIM systems.

We are paving the way for entirely new possibilities for the beverage industry:

WIN for automated data import and export of product data

Shop systems for producers, distributors and retailers

Automated drinks menus for hospitality

Customised newsletters

GDSN optimisation for master data management

Real-time, automated product catalogues

Technological support sheets for beverages

Digital events and trade fare management

Speak to us about how you can benefit from EuvinoPRO

Alongside our existing software we are continuously developing and implementing new digital solutions for our clients. Contact us if would like to benefit from our knowledge and skills.

We support

We pride ourselves with having long-standing relationships with beverage companies right across the value chain, ranging from global corporations to independent wineries and breweries. EuvinoPRO supports more than 12,000 producers and more than 300 retailers and distributors.

Our cooperation partners include

Our long-term partnerships with ERP and PIM technologies enable us to reach over 80 percent of the beverage industry. Through our collaborations, more and more beverage companies benefit from our software.

Our research collaborations include

We are honoured to support world-leading research projects relating to digitalisation in the beverage industry. We continue to foster business-research partnerships spanning across themes such as sustainability, quality management and market research.